I am interdependent with my Colleagues

Where Strengths & Interdependence are mutually inclusive

Colleagues Working Together

Putting the 'People' back into Work Relationships

Within Organisations

We want to assist to build effortless relationships to anticipate smart people management within your organisation

... understanding intrinsic motivators and becoming Interdependent to improve relationships are indicators of: 






There isn't a perfect combination, just strength in diversity. However, we have to understand the needs, contributions and role and environment dynamics best suited to individuals as well as their specific language. The diagram below is an indicator of the differences between how people enter situations at work. 







  • Contributions of Strategic Thinkers include:

  • Contributions of Executers include:

  • Contributions of Influencers include:

  • Contributions of Relationship Builders include:











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"Your cross to bear, is your gift to share "

Sam McDonald

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